Harsh on new members?

Just to follow on from a few people stating we are to harsh or aggressive to new keepers in my ‘Network groups’. Specifically, Bearded Dragons Network in this case.

People just don’t seem to understand that Dragons (like most animals) have particular needs and requirements that we must 100% provide in captivity. And the vital things like UVB, heat/temperature, which is their absolute lifeline, are required on an evolutionary level (a few decades of captive breeding will NOT undo millions of years of evolutionary requirement)

So providing below par, substandard exposure that is not what they have evolved over millions of years to require, is only going to lead to health related issues over time.
And that’s exposure to not only their needed heat and uvb requirements. But exposure to the best possible supplements. Diet. Enrichment. Literally everything.
Their life is in our hands.
They have zero choice in the conditions they live in while in captivity. That is OUR responsibility.

With that being said, the advice we offer here is based on “optimal health and quality” for the reptile (like within ALL my network groups).

Not just “it’s alive so it’s okay”.

Granted, there are a number of ways to achieve the needed parameters of a set-up.
But requirements are still that. A REQUIREMENT!.

I (we) will always have the mindset bearded towards the animal in question.
If that means a keeper gets butt hurt, so be it. This is not our problem.

I’ve said this before, so I’ll say it again.
You’ll find these type of “keepers” jump from group to group, posting the same crap, asking for advice and hating everything they read until that one group, or person, agrees with them. Like this somehow warrants their “care” as perfect.
Basically, they are out to cut-corners, cut cost, as opposed to actually research and find what we are saying to be factual. Well…not our issue. Our conscious is clean.
We’ve done our bit in offering advice.

So for those saying we are harsh, we really are not. We can’t monitor everyone’s reply in posts. And some may seem aggressive or harsh. But I assure you, the admin and mod team are here for YOU. To help.
We will always suggest improvement if we can see such as an option.
It’s up to you as a keeper to acknowledge such advice, and do with it as you wish.

We are passionate!
And with that comes emotion. Please don’t get that mixed up for “being harsh or aggressive”.


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