Moved To a Bigger Setup.

Pond liner
i) Pond-Liner & (ii)Top-soil

So today we (Myself and Mrs H) decided to move our Brazilian Rainbow Boa (Epicrates cenchria) Joe Boa-massa into a larger setup (from 3ft x 1.5ft x 1,5ft. To a larger 4ft x 2ft x 2ft).
This was something we’ve been waiting for the right time to do for the past year or so.
But as we were moving him from the bedroom, to the living-room, we wanted to get the new carpet laid first. So, done that last month, and here we are. Move day! 🙂

Nothing has changed regarding the Equipment used.

i) Pond-liner for the layer between surface & substrate.
Still using the Arcadia DHP as my heat source, being how liked by him it was in the old setup.
Running through a Microclimate Evo thermostat.
As well as Arcadia 6% T5 Slimline Luminaire for his UVB

  • (ii) Was a case of adding the top soil.
    Adding branches (iii)
  • (iii)Adding my own foraged branches.
  • Adding my own foraged leaf-litter.
  • My own cultivated cushion moss.
  • My own bred orange and grey woodlice.
  • And some purchased mealworms and springtails.

I also removed a fair amount of substrate from the old smaller setup, as this had a well established number of Clean up bugs for the bioactive side of the setup. So I just added them to this new setup.

Then it was a case of adding and arranging the branches, not only allow exercise and physical enrichment. But the feeling of safety, and coverage from the heat and UVB for the Snake.

Once we was happy, I made sure all was in order temperature wise. As well as the readings of UVB within the setup via the Solarmeter 6.5 were as needed.

So that’s it.
The move took about 1hr 30mins.

We are happy, and importantly, Joe Boa-massa is happy.

Here are the rest of the images……
More information over on Snake Network
– Pete

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