Gut-loading: The Buffet For Your Bugs

Arcadia InsectFuel
Arcadia InsectFuel: A Quality Gut-loading Option

As the saying goes, “you are what you eat“.
And this runs so true for our reptiles.

So, gut-loading Is NOT just a case of throwing in some carrot and lettuce for your bugs. Far from it.
Of course, that is better than nothing.
But to do it efficiently can be quite daunting.

Gut-loading is an extremely vital part of any insect eating Reptiles regimen.

As the saying goes, “you are what you eat“.
And this runs so true for our reptiles.

Give the bugs quality, and that quality is transferred to your reptile. Simple.
Treat these bugs as an empty vessel. Fill them with goodness, nutrition, and hydration.

I have my own methods as explained in my popular, and multiple published article on “optimal Gut-loading” available for free as a .PDF file in the provided link below.

The .PDF is as printed in ‘Practical Reptile Keeping‘ magazine.

I do also recommend an additional product or 2 to help the nutritional boost of the Gut-loading process.

My two goto products are,
Arcadia Insect Fuel.
And Nekton Cricket feed (not just for crickets).

Here I have part of tomorrow’s feeders, banded and black crickets. With a mixture of fresh greens. Arcadia InsectFuel. Nekton. And a bug jelly pot for hydration aid.

Please download my article for an in-depth insight into proper Gut-loading

*Clicking the below link will automatically download my .pdf article to your device. It IS 100% free, and 100% safe. Enjoy*

Gut-loading Article

– Pete “Replicate, Emulate, Stimulate”

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