Central bearded dragon - Crystal

Bearded Dragon – Night-time Heat?

Should you provide night heat, or not? People are unnecessarily obsessed with providing a night heat source for their Dragons. So they won’t “get cold“. Stop and think about this […]

Harsh on new members?

Just to follow on from a few people stating we are to harsh or aggressive to new keepers in my ‘Network groups’. Specifically, Bearded Dragons Network in this case. People […]

Welcome to ‘Reptile Networks’

Following the HUGE success of my ‘Network‘ Facebook groups, I thought I have a blog/site on the internet for my various files, idea’s and rants. Do bear with as I […]

I’m slowly getting there

I’m have a few extra days off work this week, so am able to get a few vitals sorted on the site. Hopefully I’ll have a number of my own […]