Site Friends

Our recommended site’s and channels.

These are a select few sites/blogs/channels that are not only run by friends of mine, but also just really helpful on various related subjects: –  Mariah Healey runs this expansive care website. Not only is she a very cool lady, but also a Moderator over in my Bearded Dragon Facebook group. Strand has started the Chameleon based knowledge website. All off the back of his very successful Chameleon Breeder Podcast, In which I have featured.

Mike Tytula (Alpha Reptile) – Mike has always been one of my favourite YouTubers, so I’ll always support his work. I know he supports mine also. So please, go checkout his stuff. There will literally be something for everyone here.

JTB Reptiles – Joseph B – A great young British Reptile enthusiast. Joseph, is also a moderator in a couple of my own Facebook groups. Just saying 😉

Animals at Home – Dillon has put together a great channel here. Video’s based on many keeping aspects, from many guests on his amazing ‘Animals at Home Podcast. With the goal of aiming to improve our care.
One of my favourite channels to watch and listen to.