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Update: New additions & whats coming next week!

One of the Tokay
One of the Tokay

Last weekend I picked up a couple of Tokay Geckos (Gekko gekko) from an Animal College near me.

Another of the Tokay
Another of the Tokay

It’s 2x females. They are in decent health, but do have skin issues (Stuck shed)
The college had them a while, and done great with them but felt they done all they could. Also the fact they are not really handleable for the practicing students.

Anyway. The plan already under way. A good dose of Arcadia Shed Support  and it’s double dose of complex B-vitamins, vitamin E, bee-pollen, along with extra misting sessions and hydration options, we’ll see if we can clear this over the coming months.

They are both under Arcadia Shed-Dweller UVB. With an average UV-Index exposure of 1-2 within the setup.

You can follow the progress over in the Gecko Network FaceBook group.

One of the 2x Tokay
One of the 2x Tokay

Coming next-week…..

Full YouTube video review and tech low-down of the 51w Arcadia LED Bar Including the full set-up and installation. So don’t miss that.

Video link will of course be posted here. And in my group on Facebook.

Any feedback as always is welcome.

– Pete


  • Tokays are a lovely species to work with. Sounds like you’ve got a great care plan for them so it’ll be nice to get an update over the coming months. Good luck.

    • Thanks, James. I totally agree. They are a great species. One I’ve not had for many years.
      Many get put off with their territorial/angry nature. Me, they are just being Tokay 🙂
      I for one wouldn’t want any species to show anything but their natural behaviour.

      – Pete

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