Another Feature Article In ‘Practical Reptile Keeping’ Magazine

Sneak peak of page 1 of my article

This months issue features a 6 page article by myself on ‘shedding in Bearded Dragons’.

As well as a ton of cool content, including a ‘natural history of the Horsfields tortoise’ article, by David Alderton.

There is currently an offer on the digital download version.

I’ll list the info below;

We’re running a special Easter sale, offering a digital subscription giving 12 issues for just £20.99 instead of £32.99. Hopefully a bit of good news. You can find full details here <>

Also, if you’re signed up for Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, you can as of now read our 100 page ebook “Tales from the Reptile House”, combining true-life stories and practical care advice, for free. Check it out: <

– Pete

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