Don’t Just Assume It’s ‘Brumation’

Just because your Dragon has had a couple or few lazy days. Sleeping. Not getting up. It’s doesn’t mean it’s now “in brumation”. Just because your Dragon has had a […]

Podcast – done.

I had the absolute pleasure in taking part in an iconic podcast last week. Bill Strand asked me to discuss something in particular regarding my supplement regime, all for the […]

Gekko gekko

Update: New additions & whats coming next week!

Last weekend I picked up a couple of Tokay Geckos (Gekko gekko) from an Animal College near me. It’s 2x females. They are in decent health, but do have skin […]

Moved To a Bigger Setup.

So today we (Myself and Mrs H) decided to move our Brazilian Rainbow Boa (Epicrates cenchria) Joe Boa-massa into a larger setup (from 3ft x 1.5ft x 1,5ft. To a […]

The Big Cricket Debate

The BIG cricket debate….. Again. I’m getting a little annoyed at the amount of people trying to turn people off crickets as feeders in my Facebook groups. It will knida […]

UVB On-Top Of Screen Mesh.

For the purpose of this little post, I’ll be aiming the whole piece at Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) setups in particular. There seems to be a common trend in many […]

Wild Bearded Dragon

Eating Sand & Substrate Impaction

The following is something that is often said within my Bearded Dragon Facebook group (as well as others). And frankly, I’m sick of people saying it and not giving any […]

Basking Dragon

Bearded Dragon Basking Habits

Bearded dragon Basking habits: Do you know what a dragons basking habits should be? Does your dragon hide a lot of the day, and bask only at certain times?. Many […]


Wild plants/flowers/weeds

*feeding wild flowers/weeds and bugs* This is something I posted in my Dragon group a couple of years ago. And I’ve have updated as needed within the group. So I […]

Central bearded dragon - Crystal

Bearded Dragon – Night-time Heat?

Should you provide night heat, or not? People are unnecessarily obsessed with providing a night heat source for their Dragons. So they won’t “get cold“. Stop and think about this […]